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Bonnie & Clyde Racing

VR30 3in Shorty Intakes

VR30 3in Shorty Intakes

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Bonnie & Clyde Racing Is committed to providing the best bang for your buck intake options. Now offering the best intake deal on the market, VR30 Shorty Intakes!! 

We offer a few intake options for the VR30 but this takes the cake, best sounding, best performance and most importantly BEST PRICE! 

Enjoy this year end offer!


If your wanting the benefits from 3in intakes but you cant or wont be tuning the car then we do have a solution avaible. Please select MAF insert option before checkout. This is a sleeve added into the MAF pipe to keep the MAF calibration to factory setting to allow you to run these without tuning, if you tune in the future simply remove the insert and your good to go!

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