Collection: Nissan ECU Tuning

Bonnie & Clyde Racing proudly offer ECU & TCM Tuning Services to complete your build. B&C Racing has partnered with Habibi Motorsports & Underground Tuning USA to bring the most lethal tuning strategy to the VR30 platform! This dangerous Trio is backed by extensive data, testing, and dyno hours! 

Habibi Motorsports developed a cutting edge ECU Recalibration strategy for our VR30 engines! Our partnership has developed into more than ever expected and tremendously changed the performance of our race cars! With nearly 2 decades experience tuning hundreds of vehicles over multiple platforms and tuning softwares they have earned their mark among the elite world tuners. 

Habibi Motorsports is most known for Nissan GTR Tuning and very well respected among elite GTR Shops. Their extensive knowledge on the GTR platform quickly prevailed on the VR30 platform and has shown just how much progression is still waiting on our platform. 

Bonnie & Clyde Racing provides only the best products and services, which is why we chose to develop this partnership. Habibi Motorsports has taken our products to their true potential and we continue to revise each product strategically to achieve maximum power gain!