Collection: Xtreme Di Injectors

Xtreme Di is the leader for Direct Injection Fueling Solutions! We have strategically partnered with XDi to bring you nothing short of the best DI Fueling options for your VR30. Xtreme Di continues to develop for the VR30 always releasing the Biggest, Highest Flowing Fueling components on the market. 

Bonnie & Clyde Racing only uses XDi in our shop cars and our record customer builds. We have found through third party testing they are one of the only Di Fuel companies on the market that under advertise their data, many companies claim certain flow rates but after testing multiple brands we found results didn't back the claims. With Xtreme Di we found data to be higher then what they advertise!

We have developed a good relationship with Xtreme Di and are continuing to help produce the best solutions for maximum power output for the VR30. 

Furthermore Xtreme Di has great customer service and the owner is very educated with standalone tuning experience that helps them develop their products and make the tuning process seamless. This will show during drivability tuning. They also offer High Pressure Injector Cleaning Services that most companies aren't equipped to perform.