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Bonnie & Clyde Racing

Low Pressure Fuel Monitor

Low Pressure Fuel Monitor

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Bonnie & Clyde Racing is the first to drop a product like this! With our Low Side Fuel Pressure Monitoring System we are able to feed a pressure signal into the ECU and use Ecutek RaceRom features to hijack the signal. Then this allows you or your tuner two options:

One- The user is able to set up a new gauge on their performance display to allows them to easily monitor low side fuel pressure. Furthermore the user can set high/low alarms to help detect early signs of fuel shortage or prevent a fuel cut. 

Two- The tuner will now have an extra safety feature they can implement in their tuning strategy. The tuner will be able to set this input up so if the pressure begins to fall below a particular threshold they have a predetermined fail safe to prevent the vehicle from damage. Example: Fuel pressure drop below a set target they have a command for ECU to pull timing or close throttle bodies, stopping any damage that could have occurred from the car leaning out too much. 

This is a product we have been testing for a while now on our shop car. Before we developed this monitor tuners had no way to monitor low side fuel pressure. 

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