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Bonnie & Clyde Racing Stainless Brake Lines

Bonnie & Clyde Racing Stainless Brake Lines

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Bonnie & Clyde Racing has been offering custom Stainless Braided Brake Line kits for over a decade. We have built brake line kits for every application on hundreds of different platforms! In the beginning we started designing custom ABS delete kits for race cars allowing you to remove all factory line and replace with custom stainless lines! 

We are pleased to offer stainless braided brake line upgrade kits for your Infiniti Q50/Q60. These brake line kits will replace the factory soft line from chassis to Brake Caliper allowing you to minimized factory soft line flex and thus giving you a stiffer Brake Pedal feel and improve overall braking performance. B&C Racing Stainless Brake Line Kits are ideal for anyone looking to do Big Sport Brake upgrade or Redsport Brake upgrade! our lines are completely compatible with Akebono sport brakes!

All of our Brake Line kits are DOT approved and serial stamped with DOT number. Every line is machine crimped and pressure tested to 4000psi before shipment to ensure 100% functionality before coming to you! 

Bonnie & Clyde Racing offers many custom options of our line kits from coating color to sleeve color, allowing you to completely customize your order and match it specifically to you build!

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