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Bonnie & Clyde Racing

Bonnie & Clyde Racing G550 Turbo Kit

Bonnie & Clyde Racing G550 Turbo Kit

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Bonnie & Clyde Racing is excited to release our new G550 & G660 VR30 custom turbo kits for Nissan Z and Infiniti Q50/Q60. Its been a long development but the time is here! 

Now Actively available! Please allow 7-8 weeks for fabrication, these lead times are subject to change at any given time. All orders are final one placed and we will not allow cancelations.

Bonnie & Clyde Racing partnered with a great Turbocharger manufacturer to bring our personal line of B&C Racing G-Series Turbos! THESE ARE NOT GARRETT TURBOS! With over 20 years in the turbocharger manufacturing industry and supply to a large number of our well know US turbo companies we are confident these turbos are capable of performing with the largest companies on the market! We will say it first, we will be the first to break 1000whp on the VR30 platform and continue to develop as we find breaking points!

The Bonnie & Clyde Racing G660 kit is featured on our shop car #ClydeQ50. The G660 kit made world record power on our stock engine shop car, a shocking 803whp & 580TQ on only e50. This is not a max effort run being that #ClydeQ50 is still stock block, we have projected the kit to easily make over 1000whp on a built engine VR30. 

Bonnie & Clyde Racing has developed the highest quality manifolds on the market for the kit, we decided to utilize a log style manifold to move the turbos back a few inches and allow our turbo kit to be direct fit! This means ABSOLUTELY NO FRAME RAIL MODIFICATIONS OR AC COMPRESSOR/AC LINE MODIFICATION! Our kit is completely plug and play! B.C.R. uses schedule 10 steel and 304 Stainless flanges for the manifolds! Furthermore our strategic manifold design will help with heat entering the turbo and is designed to improve airflow, this will allow for more high-end power!

Bonnie & Clyde Racing has strategically developed the kits to maintain factory Infiniti/Nissan electronic waste gate control. No cutting or extending factory wiring. Direct plug and play! 

All Kits will come standard with 3in stainless steel race down pipes and 3in cold air intake system!

Turbo kits are built specifically around factory intercoolers and all factory sensor locations! They will work with factory intercoolers or upgraded intercoolers except air to air conversion. If your are air to air then please email us about your order and let us know so we can adjust your order! 

All turbos are tested and VSR High-Speed Balanced at 100,000 RPM before leaving the manufacturer!

Fueling Requirements: The turbo kits will require you to upgrade your fuel system. We recommend running the XDI-60 series high pressure fuel pump with XDI 2000cc injectors (the new 1900cc will also work but for maximum fuel the 2000cc are required). We have a partnership with XDi so we can help with fueling needs! Spool FX180 with 1700cc injectors or greater will work but may limit your max power! You will need to upgrade your low side fuel system as well, we recommend our B&C Racing 450 LPFP kit or for higher power goal you will need a dual pump setup! (We are releasing a billet twin pump assembly in the near future)

ECU Recalibration (Tuning): Bonnie & Clyde Racing's In-House Tuner is one of two tuners experienced in tuning our turbo kit. To date we have tuned and completed 10 B&C Racing Big Turbo cars making us the most experienced when it comes to tuning full frame turbos. As time goes we are sure other tuners will gain experience with this turbo kit! All of our in-house installs will be tuned with Habibi as he has the most experience with these turbos!

What's included in the turbo kits:

2 B&C Racing G550 or 660 Turbos

2 BCR Log Style Manifolds 

2 BCR Stainless Steel 3In Race Down Pipes

Modified Waste Gate Adaptors 

B&C Racing custom Oil/Coolant Lines

B&C Racing custom 3In Cold Air Intakes 

B&C Racing G550 Turbos:

The Bonnie & Clyde Racing G550 kit is ideal for those who want to remain stock block and or stock transmission! The 550 kit is ideal for those looking to stay in the 725-775whp power range! On stock block we will be able to maintain lower torque levels allowing us to hit a target 750-800whp margin keeping your tune very conservative and safe! Further more if you choose to build your engine down the road, with supporting fuel modifications we will be able to push this kit into the higher 800s! 

The most impressive feature for the G550 kit is the price! There is no other plug and play Full Turbo kit on the market that will offer you these results and reliability! This is the best bang for your buck solution to upgraded turbos!

B&C Racing G660 Turbos:

The Bonnie & Clyde Racing G660 kit will separate the boys from the men! The 660 kit was built specifically to hurt feelings! This kit is not ideal for those looking to remain stock block. The 660 turbo kit is capable of making up to 1200whp WITH SUPPORTING MODS! 

With current fueling available to the market these will be capable of achieving 1000whp! Bonnie & Clyde Racing is in development of a port injection fuel system (Releasing Summer 2024) that will allow us to achieve mush higher HP levels and will be made available to the market!

B&C Racing G550 Turbo Specs:

G25-550 Point Milled Wheel Ball Bearing Turbo With Internal Wastegate 0.72A/R V-band Housing

Point Milled compressor wheel factory size

Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing System

Ideal engine displacement 3.0L HP Rating 300-550HP (Per Turbo)

Compressor wheel: 48/60mm

Compressor Housing: 0.7 A/R Anti-Surge, 3" Inlet, 2" Outlet

Turbine wheel: 54mm/49mm

Turbine housing: V-band inlet, V-band outlet, 0.72A/R

B&C Racing G660 Turbo Specs:

G25-660 Billet Wheel Ball Bearing Turbo With Internal Wastegate 0.72AR V-band Turbine Housing

Billet compressor wheel factory size

Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing 

Ideal engine displacement 3.0L HP Rating 350-660HP (Per Turbo)

Compressor wheel: 54/67mm

Compressor Housing: 0.7 A/R Anti-Surge, 3" Inlet, 2" Outlet

Turbine wheel: 54mm/49mm

Turbine housing: V-band inlet, V-band outlet, 0.72A/R 

Warranty: Bonnie & Clyde Racing G550 & 660 Turbos come with a 6 Month manufacturers warranty! 

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