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Bonnie & Clyde Racing

Bonnie & Clyde Racing Engine Oil Cooler

Bonnie & Clyde Racing Engine Oil Cooler

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Bonnie & Clyde Racing realized early on the VR30DDTT engine suffered from cooling issues and has made it a main focus to offer all cooling products available for your Infiniti Q50/Q60. B&C Racing invested a lot of money into research and design for the best cooling option for our VR30 guys! 

Bonnie & Clyde Racing Engine Oil Cooler kits are the best way to maintain optimal oil temperature! Most tuners on this platform introduce a fail safe to your Ecutek Tune that limits your cars power when Engine Oil temps are below 150 degrees. B&C Racing Engine Oil Coolers are specifically designed with this in mind and are paired with a Thermostatic Oil Sandwich plate that keeps your oil temps around 180 degrees! 

Bonnie & Clyde Racing uses only the best material to build these custom kits for your VR30. All of our kits are build with Fragola series 6000 PTFE hose and Fragola Real Street AN hose ends! B&C Racing also uses Vibrant Performance adaptors to ensure superior sealing!

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