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Bonnie & Clyde Racing

Bonnie & Clyde Racing Air To Air Inner Cooler Kit

Bonnie & Clyde Racing Air To Air Inner Cooler Kit

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Bonnie & Clyde Racing is excited to offer our custom  VR30 Air to Air intercooler kit. This setup holds the Stock Turbo and Stock Injector World record for Power!

30-40 Wheel HP gains & 40-50 Wheel TQ gains on FBO Air to Air VS FBO Air to Water setups. Air to water collects radiant heat sitting on top of the engine causing heat soak issues.
Our B&C Racing Air to air setup has a larger core and piping allowing significant increase in air flow.
Current market data shows: Air to water idle charge air temps with upgraded cooling system 105-115 degrees. Under full acceleration 120-135 degrees. 
Air to Water needs an extended cooldown period with the car running for heat recovery to run another pass.

Our proprietary Air to Air setup shows idle charge air temps with upgraded cooling system at 95-105 degrees. Under full acceleration our highest number ever recorded was 118 degrees at the top of 4th gear!
Heat recovery with Air to Air happens the second you take your foot off the accelerator!! 

Results Do Not Lie !! With our Air to Air kit and FBO (Stock turbo and stock injectors) our numbers are:

518 Wheel HP and 542 Wheel TQ on FBO E30
482 Wheel HP and 509 Wheel TQ on FBO 93 pump gas! 

Through track testing our best E30 time was 10.8 @ 122 MPH
On E70 consistent back to back 10.6 @ 128 MPH passes!

This Kit Includes: 
- Front mount intercooler 
- Piping 
- Couplers
- Clamps
- High flow air filters
- Hardware
- BOV options
-Bumper Bar 
-Custom B&C 3 inch intakes

We included options for personalization based on prior modifications and engine bay aesthetic to cater to the entire platform. If you already have a BOV please choose your current BOV so custom flange layout is fabricated into upper pipes.

No Cutting of car needed, slight movement of factory brackets and replacement of crash bar with one of our bumper bars is required. 

ECU Recalibration is REQUIRED after installation 

Every kit is built to order. Please allow 5-7 week lead time after purchase. Once you place order we do not allow cancelations on the Intercooler kit, Each kit is specifically built for your order and is non refundable!

*This kit is intended for OFF ROAD and TRACK PURPOSES ONLY! Bumper bar options ARE NOT crash test rated. 
There has been no testing with these modifications in a crash test. 
Please be responsible in use for intended OFF ROAD or TRACK PURPOSES ONLY!
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