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Habibi Motorsports

2021 & Up Infiniti Q50/Q60 ECU Recalibration

2021 & Up Infiniti Q50/Q60 ECU Recalibration

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Bonnie & Clyde Racing offers the most lethal ECU Recalibration strategy for your New Infiniti Q50/Q60 Our rapidly growing client base have put these aggressive calibrations to the test and proved we can stand confident against our competition and prevail!

Our In-House Tuner and CEO of Habibi Motorsports is a world renounced GTR tuner and GTR builder, with nearly 2 decades experience in the drag racing industry his experience and business relationships are unmatched. We have brought all of his knowledge to the VR30 Platform and now offer you the opportunity to finish out your build with the most powerful ECU Calibration!


-ECUTEK Bluetooth Device 

-ECU Licensing 

-Custom Calibration File

-Standard Launch Control

-Remote Revision Support (Launch Control Dial-in, Upgrade revision, Track Support)




-Advanced Burbles

-Multi-Launch Control

-Valet Mode

-Ethanol Mapping 

-Race Gas Mapping (Q16, C16, C12, MS109)

-Water Meth Injection


Attached are dyno sheets to show our ECU Calibration in comparison to our competition, there is a variety of logs from 93 Pump Gas Stock Turbo, FBO E85 Stock Turbo, and FBO B&C Racing Full Frame Turbo. 

Don't get left behind by your competitor schedule your Tune with Bonnie & Clyde Racing TODAY!


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