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GTR To VR30 Billet Intake Manifold Plenum

GTR To VR30 Billet Intake Manifold Plenum

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Bonnie & Clyde Racing was the first to bring the GTR Intake Manifold Conversion to the VR30 platform! Since release this conversion has become very popular and helped many Qs become record holders. If your looking to achieve maximum performance out of your stock VR30 Turbos or break Horsepower/Track Records this is a must have! 

Nissan engineers invested a great deal of money and resources into the development of the GTR Intake Manifold, making it one of the best performing manifolds on the market. We understood this and developed the conversion plenum to adapt the R35 GTR factory intake manifold onto our VR30 Engines. 

The factory VR30 intake manifold is massively restrictive. Remember the Infiniti Q50 and Infiniti Q60 were not designed to be race cars. With that being said we have devoted our resources into changing out all of the components holding back our VR30 engines from their full potential. 

Bonnie & Clyde Racing is pleased to offer this RJ Manufacturing Billet GTR Conversion Plenum! We have helped spearhead the release of their plenum and honored to be apart of this developing conversion. B&C Racing has been working close with RJ Manufacturing on this project and we are already working on a second version with port injection capability!

Why Is This A Must Have:

- The factory VR30 Manifold has a 135 degree bend the air has to flow around coming into the Intake Plenum creating resistance in airflow - The GTR intake bring air into the chamber with a more direct flow to the runners.

-The factory VR30 Manifold has large tubes that run through the center of the manifold slowing airflow down before hitting the runners, and taking up volume inside the manifold that limits the amount of air volume available to be pulled into the combustion camber- less air flow means less Horsepower.

- The factory GTR Intake manifold has a Horsepower efficiency range of 1000-1200hp, making this the best intake option for any level of VR30 build.

- This plenum unlocks the option to run any other intake manifold avaible for the R35 GTR, including 12 Injector/18 Injector Manifold options **NOTE- There may be extra R&D needed to use some of these options, we have developed solutions for a few of these other manifolds but not all of them. Reach out to our team with questions on specific manifolds you may want to use.**

- This conversion is ideal for anyone looking to be the fastest in their class, Stock Turbo, Hybrid Turbo, or Full Frame Turbo. This will give you that extra HP and Stronger Power Band to out perform your competition. 

- The GTR Intake Conversion will increase horsepower, widen your powerband- more usable power across the rpm range, strengthen higher rpm power and help maintain power until redline.

- The Billet Plenum has larger Intake Runners resulting in Peak Torque Gain, More Torque means more Horsepower!

*** This listing is for the conversion plenum only. This does not include the intake manifold or any other components needed to complete the conversion. The GTR Intake Conversion requires you to convert your VR30 from factory Air to Water Inner cooler system to Air to Air system like the Nissan GTR. Bonnie & Clyde Racing does offer Air To Air Inner cooler System for the VR30 which can be found here on our site. ***

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